Team Engagement

Teams are hard to manage. Teams with low engagement are hardest to manage. Financial rewards are important, but there's more.

BusinessBlades helps you focus on the "more".

Team engagement surveys

When you don't really know the issues, they're impossible to address. Experience tells us that sometimes in a business, key issues are hidden in plain sight. Our short, sharp and actionable surveys enable your team to voice opinions openly and honestly.

Surveys are tailored to specific business needs and addressing key factors that are proven to impact engagement. They'll help you shift the "engagement dial".

Communicating survey intent, encouraging team members to participate and interpreting results are all part of what we do. Post survey we'll work with leadership and team members in developing and implementing appropriate action plans.

Can BusinessBlades help us attract talent?

Attracting talent starts with a great Employee Value Proposition - what prospective team members can expect when working with you. Your purpose, vision and strategy are more important to prospective employees than you probably realise. We can help you structure a meaningful EVP and communicate it effectively.

BusinessBlades also provides practical help with recruiting strategically rather than reactively. Part of this is about making sure job roles are structured to most effectively support business strategy.

We provide tools and processes to help you:

  • Create an effective business structure

  • Build accurate job descriptions

  • Craft effective job advertisements

  • Run great interviews

  • Manage the recruitment process

And talent retention?

Retaining talent is critical for any business. Performance feedback, development opportunities are key elements of a strong EVP.

BusinessBlades creates frameworks that enable effective management of performance and development of your talent, reflective of your purpose, vision and strategy.

We also run workshops to help people leaders develop their own skills in these vitally important areas.


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