Strategy and Business Planning

BusinessBlades delivers a range of workshops and tools to help your business grow, prosper and reach its true potential while remaining true to your business purpose.

Strategy and Business Planning Workshops

A focused curriculum of workshops includes:

  • Creating a Purposeful Business

  • Developing and Implementing Effective Strategic Plans

  • Creating and Executing Effective Business and Action Plans

  • Managing the Business Planning Cycle

Workshops are tailored to reflect the current stage and state of your business and the specific objectives of you and your team.

While key concepts and topics are consistent, workshop content is designed in collaboration with each client to ensure relevance and effectiveness.

We encourage our clients to engage our ongoing services to follow up with "accountability" sessions to ensure plans are executed as intended.


Tools and template documents are available to help our clients:

  • Review, refine and articulate their business purpose

  • Review, refine and articulate their business vision

  • Create a succinct and meaningful strategic plan

  • Prioritise often conflicting objectives

  • Build action plans, accountabilities and timelimnes


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