Is your team showing signs of disengagement?

December 21, 2017


If so, you’re absolutely not alone. According to the Australian Human Resources Institute, engagement scores for most Australian businesses sit at or below 36%. That leaves a big slice of employees disengaged.


Some key clues to look out for in your business include:


  • Lack of real connections between teams and business owners/leaders,

  • Uncertainty among team members about outcomes they’re expected to achieve,

  • Low levels of autonomy and decision making authority,

  • Little or no collaboration,

  • Poor communication to and within the team, and

  • No clarity about opportunities for personal and professional growth.


These are all symptoms, each of which could have one or multiple causes.


Thought of in that light, it’s tempting to relegate dealing with team disengagement to the too-hard basket.


So, apart from nothing, what can be done? 


The starting point on the road to a more engaged team is a clearly articulated business purpose. Most people want to understand how their roles fit into a bigger picture. Otherwise it’s “just a job”. 


If that sounds a little new age, consider this. 


The purpose of the business shapes its vision which in turn ought to be the basis for strategy.


A business needs a big picture focus to make sense of shorter term business planning or it will lurch from one year to the next without any clear direction. Strategy should also drive how work and jobs in the business are structured, rather than the other way around (which so often happens). 


It goes without saying that it’s impossible to have 100% of your team 100% engaged 100% of the time. Even acknowledging that point can relieve stress and worry.


That said, there’s a mountain of evidence linking higher rates of team engagement to a belief in the purpose of the business they work in and their contribution to achieving that purpose.


You can bet the house on a positive impact when you invite team members to be a part of the big picture and enable them to actively participate in the business rather than simply do their jobs. 


Want to know more?


Of course we've only scratched the surface in this post. What's becoming increasingly irrefutable is the link between business purpose and team engagement. And that doesn't just happen.


Please drop us a note or give us a call if you're interested in hearing more about how to create, or strengthen, that link in your business.


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