The Purpose Framework

Use a little, or use a lot, depending on your needs

Vision and strategy aligned to purpose
Effective and purpose-driven customer acquisition and engagement
Energised and engaged teams
Stronger financial outcomes

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1. Develop and articulate your business purpose

Your business purpose is the reason, beyond making money, your business exists. It's probably "hidden in plain sight" resting in the answers to a few simple questions:

  • why was the business originally established;

  • what problem or problems were the founders trying to solve;

  • what, if anything, has changed since? And why?

Drawing out the answers to these questions and creating clarity of purpose forms the basis of our Purpose Workshop.

2. Develop and articulate your business vision

Your business vision encapsulates your aspirations for the business over say a three to five year timeframe. Driven by your purpose, it should describe what the business will ideally become and what it will have achieved.

The challenge is to make the vision as aspirational as possible while remaining realistic and achievable.

Our Vision Workshop is designed to do just that, specifically in the context of your business vision.

3. Develop and articulate your business strategy

Strategic planning often isn't particularly strategic at all. Building strategy based mainly on a view of an unpredictable future commits your business to ever-changing and inconsistent direction.

BusinessBlades designs and facilitates strategic planning workshops to help business align strategy tightly to its purpose and vision. 

The objective is to ensure strategic planning is less reactionary, truly strategic and designed to achieve the longer term outcomes you aspire to. 

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4. Understand current business reality and identify gaps to be filled

When you're clear on purpose, vision and strategy and they're properly aligned your business is well placed to outperform. 

While you know what you want to achieve with your business (and why) it's essential to clearly understand what shape it's in right now so you can start to fill in the gaps.

Creating that "baseline" is the job of the BusinessBlades Analyser - our in-depth business diagnostic. The Analyser process (facilitated by BusinessBlades) and the resulting detailed report ensures there's nothing material you won't know about the current state of play.

5. Develop and implement your two-page business plan

That's right...two pages is all you need to give effect to your purpose-driven and vision-aligned strategy. 

An effective business plan needs to contain a set of clear objectives with prioritised action plans (with single-point accountability) to activate your strategy.

That's the objective of our Business Planning workshop. We'll design the workshop specifically to meet the needs of your business and facilitate the session as required.

6. Embed and review

We always say purpose should drive everything you do in your business.

When this happens, teams are clear on where the business is headed and understand how their roles contribute to the bigger picture. Customers and prospective customers know what the business stands for and can see an alignment of values.

No amount of simply telling people - team members, customers and other stakeholders - about your purpose, your vision and strategy will make a long lasting impact. Your business needs to tailor its marketing, operations, team and customer interactions and communications to constantly and consistently reinforce the purpose message.

This important step is part of the BusinessBlades offer - using data from the Analyser and other means we will work with you to ensure you make a "purposeful" impact in all that you do.


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