Customer Engagement

"On Purpose" focus on the right customers buying the right products and services at the right price

Who's the "right" customer?

Engaging and acquiring customers who believe in your business purpose just makes sense.

It does, but few businesses ever really take the time to sketch out a profile of their ideal customer.

Those that do? They generate more revenue, gain more repeat business and are more profitable than those that don't.

BusinessBlades works with clients to generate a clear picture of their ideal customer. Using proprietary tools, our clients quickly come to understand who they should be targeting as customers and why.

And the "right" products at the "right" price?

Businesses need a clear and effective customer service proposition. Without one, the risk is too many unprofitable product or service lines distracting the business from its purpose, vision and strategy.

Understanding what the business is good at and why, as well as the discipline to "stick to the knitting" is critical.

BusinessBlades' tools help in the development of the right customer service proposition which enables clear focus on delivery excellence by everyone in the team.

We also help you understand your "cost to serve" so you can determine pricing structures aimed at achieving desired profit outcomes.

What about customer retention and repeat business?

It's a fact that additional business from existing customers is more profitable than constantly chasing new customers.

So it's important to understand how those existing customers view your business, especially in the context of business purpose. 

Happy, like-minded customers are great for business and will most likely become your advocates - the best marketing money can't buy!

BusinessBlades customer surveys provide invaluable information about how your customers are thinking, what they believe you might do better and most importantly, how likely they are to refer others to your business.


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