Our people

BusinessBlades' founders

Neil O'Grady - expert in strategy, business planning

Neil O’Grady is known as an innovator who thrives on working in a collaborative environment for the benefit of his clients. He is driven to ensure businesses he works with enjoy sustainable improvement in culture, customer experience, reputation and profitability. Neil has over 30 years’ business experience.

Adelina Lalic - expert in process, team engagement

Adelina Lalic has worked with business owners for over 20 years in delivering strategic advice to early stage businesses, more established businesses seeking next-level growth opportunities and to those wanting to improve their overall performance and profitability.

Doug Webber - expert in strategy, team engagement

Doug Webber has spent his career with new and emerging businesses and established businesses that recognised a need for “renovation”. He has worked both in purpose driven businesses and those where purpose was - at best - unclear. As a result, he has witnessed the power of purpose at close quarters.  His hands-on experience in leadership roles gives him deep knowledge of what’s needed to effectively engage teams with a clear focus on customer outcomes.


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